Self-Defense Gym in North Venice

Master the defense training that may save your life

We train you to defend yourself and your family in and out of the home against real-world violence people encounter everyday. Additionally, your fitness level will soar!
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Start at any level

Whether you're an experienced martial artist, have self-defense experience, or are just a beginner, we are here to train you.

Expert fitness guidance

Our certified and trained instructors will ensure you are safely and effectively performing techniques during classes.

Like-minded fitness community

Be encouraged by a community of people who care about your health and safety just as much as their own.

Whatever your Self-Defense Goals,
Our Training will Work for You

Krav Maga 101

Our 101 Classes will build your self-defense foundation putting you ahead of the majority of the people you'll encounter on the street.
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Krav Maga Advanced

Students will learn to defend against a variety of attacks and are taught to counter in the quickest and most efficient way.
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Main Programs

Private Lessons

A passionate, knowledgeable instructor will show you what to do and keep you on the right track with one on one personal training.
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Main Programs

Getting started is easy


Book a No Sweat Intro

We want to hear your fitness goals, assess a good starting point, and even try a class for free.

Try our Krav Maga 101

Get guidance tailored to your body and progress consistently. We will guide you every step of the way.

Begin Your Journey

Starting is hard, consistency is harder. We're here to ensure you maintain your training goals. Your journey to a black belt begins here.

Techniques tested and proven effective worldwide in real world self-defense situations

"So that One May Walk in Peace"
-Imi Lichtenfeld

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Krav Maga Defense and Fitness

Our community is what makes us special. And it's what will keep you going

If Self-Defense near me is a question in your mind, you've found the right place.

There are a lot of gyms out there. Very few have a tight-knit community as we do.

Our trainers have the expertise and training to help you create a plan that is best for you.

We believe in supporting people who are ready to take action and give them everything they need to crush their goals. It's why our members keep coming back for more.

Conveniently located off Laurel road at I-75 exit 195

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Krav Maga Defense and Fitness is located and easily accessible from all of North Venice.

Come visit us

3449 Technology Dr unit 101, North Venice, FL 34275
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Questions? We (probably) have the answers!

Still curious? Talk to us!

The hardest step is always the first step. It's time to act!

FREE Intro to Krav Maga
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